Discovering smart car parks.

After listing some tips for improving the customer journey in a parking lotGeoffrey Garnier, Parking Lot Technologist turns to optimizing occupancy and profitability of a car park.

Parking is often seen by managers as a cost center, but it can also become a source of revenue! Deploying smart solutions makes it possible to maximize revenue.

Smart solutions can boost occupancy. If we deploy, for example, services such as charging stations for electric vehicles, dynamic guidance, shelters for bicycles, digital payment methods and access control, this will allow a car park to pool its spaces to multiply the type and number of users with:

  • residents who want to park their vehicle close to their home every day
  • workers who alternate between teleworking and face-to-face,
  • or visitors who park occasionally to go to the movies or do some shopping.

By multiplying access to parking, we will have an increase in attendance and occupancy at any time of the day, which will generate an increase in income.

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