Streamline preventive maintenance

CO/NO2 detectors and optimization of ventilation energy consumption


SNCF Gares& Connexions is the station specialist: from its design to its operation, including its marketing. Its mission is to renovate and develop the 3,029 stations of the French rail network by providing essential regulation services (safety, information, accessibility, cleanliness and comfort).


Following the acceptance of under-slab works at Paris Saint-Lazare, SNCF G&C wishes to rationalize the preventive maintenance of the car park’s safety equipment, including CO/NO2 gas detectors and theHesion EolParc3intelligent control system for ventilation motors, for optimized energy efficiency.

Solution & Benefits

To support SNCF G&C in its safety mission, Hesion periodically carries out checks on EolParc3 equipment to ensure the proper functioning of the installation, carry out tests and carry out reconditioning when necessary.

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«At the SNCF, safety is the priority, it’s our difference. Hesion is a good maintainer for us, because he is a partner who communicates and who respects the schedules allocated to him. He inquires about the news, asks if there have been any problems, and carries out the necessary checks by proactively seeking information.»

Lucas Oudin, Référent E2MT/CVC/SSI

Lucas Oudin