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  • Subscribers / Visitors
  • Traffic Flow / Control
  • Car parking policy
  • Users’ rights and authorisations
  • Monetisation
  • Traffic management
  • Web supervision

Dynamic Guidance

  • Orientation / Guidance
  • Dynamic allocation
  • Managing spots and private zones
  • Availabilities
Hesion - pollution parking

Identifying the Spot

  • Geo-localisation
  • Dynamic guidance
  • Dedicated places / Booking
  • Infraction
  • Pricing depending on the spot
  • Web supervision

Our solutions for security and control in parking lots


Why is it so complex to properly manage access to parking lots ?
Most of the time, the owner simply controls access to his parking lots using traditional tools such as remote control, badges or agents.
Once you intend to control or regulate the traffic flow or the car parking on a site, issues such as regulation and traffic flow to get in and out need to be taken into consideration and therefore which are the solutions to be implemented.
Hesion solutions for reading plates number give you the possibility to go beyond these traditional tools. They comply with enforced car parking policy with respect to complex criteria such as parking lot occupancy rate, the number of vehicles already inside, users’ profiles i.e. subscribers, visitors, residents, providers, deliverers as well as their respective authorisations. Another key benefit that is highly appreciated is to make ways in and out more fluid for up to 600 vehicles per hour i.e. flows that grew between five and seven times quicker than with traditional tools.
These are the results of more than a 20-year expertise in image-sensing, image processing and real-time data management. Thus, you benefit from implemented solutions which are highly-reliable, from some perfect adaptation to your needs and with a recognition rate that is higher than 99%.
altair vision - Hesion park

Dynamic Guidance

Have you ever found a parking spot without roaming along the aisles?

Hesion software solutions can be customised and enable to implement specific functionalities with respect to your objectives and parking rules. Managing availabilities, orienting them according to operation rules, guiding towards available spots or allocating spots, these are the main components for our solutions, and they are both coherent and complementary.

Dynamic guidance is totally coherent with this approach. Dynamic guidance merges various information and criteria in real time in order to assist drivers searching for a spot and, if needed, in order to book specific spots for them. This approach enables to significantly reduce the traffic flow in parking lots and decrease the air pollution due to disordered traffic flow of the cars.

Identifying the Spot

Consider you may be in capacity to manage all the spots in your parking lot, in real-time.

EasySpot is one of Hesion solutions based on smart modules which are connected and easily implemented in parking lots.

The SpotCams enable to check whether parking spots are being used and to read number plates of parked cars. Thanks to an innovating communication system, the solution can be easily installed and customised.

Customers’ benefits are numerous whatever the type of the parking lot: precise localisation of vehicles, real-time occupation, price per spot, dynamic guidance, monitored dedicated spots.

This is the essential tool for optimising the management of parking lots with heavy traffic in which you intend to implement modern car parking management.One single limitation: your imagination…

Hesion park - altair vision

Our difference



We developed a metallic cabinet that enables to ensure the mechanical protection of embedded devices. Due to the way it was conceived, the position of the camera in the lane is optimum, and also the water tightness and heat regulation ensure the good quality of the shooting, whatever the season.


Display panels

The display panels enable to communicate with drivers. The information must be clear, readable and animated in order to fulfil their function. We provide panels for counting, dynamic parking guidance, personalised messages or emergency information. This is an essential tool ensuring traffic smoothness.



The camera is an essential device, which is coupled with our powerful recognition algorithms and thus guarantees the quality of the solution. Each model of camera is rigorously certified. We test under real usage conditions the models the most recent on the market in order to validate their technical characteristics.