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Companies, either big or small, need to provide parking spots to their employees, partners, service providers, customers. Quite often, the number of places is not sufficient and not everyone is ensured to find a parking spot… excepted in the case where our original solutions are actually installed! Virtual car parking, car sharing, holidays or business trip management, dedicated parking spots are a few examples for hands-on and efficient ideas.

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Various types of populations can be found in hospitals: medical staff, patients, technical and administrative personnel, visitors, ambulance drivers and so forth.
For each of these categories, entry and parking issues must be figured out and managed as early as possible in order to make everybody satisfied. The acute management of the parking rights and areas will give the possibility to comply with hospitals as a particular case.

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The towns are in capacity to directly manage different types of parking lots dedicated to: town premises, the town hall, retirement residences, public parking lots, schools. Whatever the case, various regulations shall be respected. We will give you advice so that adapted pollution and smoke extraction control solutions may be found for each situation. We also aim at guaranteeing the good functioning of your installations thanks to customised maintenance.

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Construction Industry Companies

For construction and renovation projects, entry and pollution controls are often included in very general lots. Actually, these technical solutions are not at the heart of people’s concern. We, Hesion, are dedicated to help construction industry companies setting up detailed technical specifications in order to anticipate these vital subjects as upstream as possible, thereby enabling the good performance of the new building to come.

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Accessing to and driving inside a logistic platform also implies numerous constraints. Our solutions enable smoother access for your vehicles, simpler follow-up for vehicles tour on site and possibly dematerialised documents which turned out to be fastidious to fill in. Thus, the vehicle itinerary can be tracked and your partners may become real partners in your project by providing to them personalised access to a website dedicated to this tracking.

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Shopping Centres

The parking lots in shopping centres are considered as public buildings. Therefore, they are subject to any rule guaranteeing the security of customers and employees who spend some time in these buildings. Hesion benefits from all the necessary expertise for meeting these air flow needs which are also present in the delivery zones. As for the time spent in the parking lots, Hesion can also provide solutions for checking that the displayed car parking durations are actually respected.

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Reading the licence plate is the solution that will enable to provide additional services and security to the benefit of the toll system. In effect, parking lot subscribers expectations are different from visitors expectations. For example, parking spots should logically be set aside to their benefit even when the parking lot is filled out. Identifying vehicles per category when they get either in or out of the parking lot enables to optimise the parking lot operations while avoiding certain deviations.

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We offer you some solution for heating air conditioning or entry control. More than consulting services provided for a particular case, we can provide training services for implementing our solutions and make you more autonomous. Together, we will define the operating rules for each case and will therefore become partners.

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