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Considering article 6 in law no 2004-575 of the 21 June 2004 as for Confidence in the Digital Economy, hesion-park.comwebsite will find here below information about the identity of the various stakeholders playing a role in its development and maintenance:
Owner: Hesion SAS
Director of Publication: Pierre Guillet
This website and its contents are owned by Hesion SAS, with Pierre Guillet as Manager.
Company Name or Legal Status: Hesion SAS
Address: 1 allée de la Rhubarbe 78260 Achères
Telephone: +33 (0)
Trade & Company Register No: 789.770.583
Share Capital: €500,000.00
Headquarter Address: 1 allée de la Rhubarbe 78260 Achères Company
SIRET No: 789.770.583.00027
Specific legal information:
VAT Liability No: FR43789770583
The texts on this website shall only be used with previous written consent by the owner. Hesion SAS is entitled to sue any counterfeiting on intellectual property, including for penal actions.
Copying documents published on this website is strictly authorized as private information. Any other usage when copying and namely for commercial purposes is totally forbidden, excepted with previous written authorization by Hesion SAS.
Rollingbox is in charge of the development and hosting of website
Rollingbox ®
12, rue des Bourdonnais – 78000 Versailles
Tél. : 01 74 07 12 50
Google Analytics is installed on this website. For consulting the rules of confidentiality as for how to use Google Analytics.
You can decide that you will or will not receive the cookies on your computer.
Using website incurs that you accept totally and fully the hereinafter general conditions of use. These conditions of use might be modified or completed at any time, therefore we suggest that hesion-park.comwebsite users should consult them regularly.
This website can usually be accessed at any time by the users. Still technical maintenance operation may be decided following Hesion SAS decision which will intend to previously communicate about the date and time of this interruption to the users.
hesion-park.comwebsite is updated regularly by Hesion SAS. Similarly, the legal notices may be modified at any time: still they shall be imposed to the users and we suggest that they would regularly get informed about it.
The objective of hesion-park.comwebsite is to provide information which are as detailed as possible about all Hesion SAS activities. Still, they will not be considered as responsible for omitted, inexact or missing information when updating the website, either from their responsibility or from the responsibility or third parties partners who communicated this information to them.
All the data posted on hesion-park.comwebsite are communicated just for information and may evolve. Besides, they are not exhaustive data. They are communicated with possible later modifications after they were posted.
The technology used by the website is JavaScript.
The Internet website shall not be made liable for hardware damages related to website consulted information. Moreover, the website user is committed to consult the website by using recent computer material with no virus and up-to-date last generation navigator.
Hesion SAS is owner of the intellectual property rights or owns the rights of use for all the elements that can be accessed on the website, for example the texts, images, graphic design, logo, icons, sound, software.
Any copy, representation, modification, publication, adaptation for part or all the elements on the website, whatever the means or process used, is totally forbidden, except with the previous written consent by Hesion SAS.
Any non authorized usage of the website or of any element in the website shall be considered as amounting to counterfeiting and shall imply legal proceedings by virtue of the provisions in articles L.335-2 and following in the Intellectual Property Code.
Hesion SAS shall not be considered as responsible for any direct or indirect damages due to user’s computer device, when entering hesion-park.comwebsite, and resulting either from some computer device used that do not respect the specifications indicated in paragraph 4, or from a bug or an incompatibility.
Also, Hesion SAS shall not be considered as responsible for indirect damages (for example such as losing as market or an opportunity) resulting from the usage of hesion-park.comwebsite.
Interactive spaces (possibility to ask some questions in the contact space) are made available to users. Hesion SAS is entitled to delete, without prior formal notice, any contents posted in this space that would be contrary to the legislation enforced in France, in particular the provisions as for data protection. If needed, Hesion SAS shall also be entitled to question users’ civil and/or penal liability, namely in case of messages which may be racist-type, abusive, slanderous or pornographic, whatever the media used (text, photos and so forth).
In France, personal data are namely protected by law no 78-87 of the 6 January 1978, law no 2004-801 of the 6 August 2004, article L. 226-13 of the Criminal Code and the European Directive of the 24 October 1995.
When using website, the following data can be collected: the URL of the links through which the user entered hesion-park.comwebsite, the user’s hosting service provider, the user’s Internet protocole (IP) address.
In any case, Hesion SAS shall only collect personal information about users when necessary for certain services provided by website. The user shall knowingly provide these information, namely when he himself enters these information in the website. hesion-park.comwebsite user shall therefore be informed that he is or is not in the obligation to providing these information.
By virtue of the provisions in articles 38 and followings in law 78-17 of the 6 January 1978 as for Information Technology, files and liberties, any user is entitled to rights of access, modification or opposition to his personal data, via written and signed notification, accompanied with a photocopy of his identity card with the signature of the card owner also adding the address to which the answer shall be provided.
No personal information about website user shall be posted without prior consent by the latter, nor shall they be exchanged, transferred, ceded or sold to third parties whatever the media. Only in the hypothesis of the takeover of Hesion SAS and their rights shall the so-called information be transmitted to a possible purchaser who should in turn be subject to the same obligation to protecting and not modifying the data on hesion-park.comwebsite user.
The website was not registered to the CNIL as no personal data are being collected.
The databases are subject to the provisions in the law of the 1 July 1998 resulting from directive 96/9 of the 11 March 1996 as for the legal protection of databases.
hesion-park.comwebsite includes a certain number of hyperlinks towards other websites that were implemented with Hesion SAS authorization. Still, Hesion SAS is not entitled to check the contents of the websites thus visited and therefore shall not be made liable for them.
Navigating on hesion-park.comwebsite may imply the installation of cookie(s) on the user’s computer. A cookie is a small size file which does not enable identifying users but which archives the information as for the navigation from a computer user onto a given website. The resulting data aim at facilitating later navigation onto the site but also to enable that the visits be measured.
Refusing to install a cookie may imply total impossibility to have access to given services. Sill, the user may configurate his computer as follows in order to refuse the installation of cookies:
Under Internet Explorer: tool tab (wheelwork-shaped icon at the top right) / internet options. Click on Confidentiality and select Lock all the cookies. Validate by clicking Ok.
Under Firefox: at the top of the brower window, click on Firefox button, then do to Options tab. Click on Private Life tab. Set the Storage rules: use the customization parameters for the History. Lastly unclick the tab for deactivating the cookies.
Under Safari: Click on the top right of the browser window on the menu icon (symbolized by a wheelwork). Select Parameters. Click on Display Advanced Parameters. In section «Confidentiality», click on Content Parameters. In Section « Cookies », you can lock the cookies.
Under Chrome: Click at the bottom right of the browser on the menu icon (symbolized by three horizontal lines). Select Parameters. Click on Display the Advanced Parameter. In section «Confidentiality», click on Preferences. In tab «Confidentiality», you can lock the cookies.
Any dispute as for usage of hesion-park.comwebsite shall be subject to the French legislation. The exclusive attribution of jurisdiction to qualified courts shall be Versailles.
Law no 78-17 of the 6 January 1978, amended namely by law no 2004-801 of the 6 August 2004 as for information technology, files and liberties.
Law no 2004-575 of the 21 June 2004 as for confidence in Computer Science economy.
User : Web user who connects and visits the above mentioned website.
Personal Data: « information that enable to identify, whatever the means, directly or indirectly, physical persons they apply to » (article 4 of law no 78-17 of the 6 January 1978).