Advice and assistance regarding parking

As a specialist in parking management solutions, we were asked by a major car manufacturer to help solve parking management problems at a site with 10 000 spaces spread over 18 lots.

The arrival of new employees on the site had caused a chaotic situation (illegal parking, entry of unauthorized vehicles, etc.), sometimes leading to clashes between users. It had therefore become imperative to evaluate the needs for reorganization in terms of access control, management and security in the parking lots.

How can parking lots be reorganized to optimize parking?

To answer this question, we first sought to measure the consistency between the parking supply offered by the facility and user demand.

The evaluation of the site’s capacity was made possible thanks to the technologies we develop for our clients. They allowed us to precisely measure the occupancy rate and number of visitors in all the parking lots. We also quantified the distribution of parking spaces by park (electric, thermal, mobility, disabled people, …)

The measurement of demand was carried out using an efficient questionnaire requiring less than 3 minutes of attention from the respondents. Our team was able to survey 640 people in order to identify their use and wishes.

What about the results?

The cross-referencing of the data allowed us to highlight 3 areas for improvement in parking management:

Standardize the use of parking lots

  • The parking lots are heterogeneously occupied. This means that some parking lots are more in demand than others.
  • In fact, the survey shows that 50% of parking lots are more coveted than others.
  • This result in wild and sometimes annoying parking that can lead to violent reactions from some users exasperated by the situation.

Encourage carpooling

  • Homogenizing all the parking lots helps to calm a situation that has become conflictual but does not provide any room for maneuver to deal with the variations in the number of users who frequent the “Technocentre” every day.
  • One way to do this is to encourage users to carpool.
  • The survey we conducted shows that 20% of users who do not currently carpool would do so if a collaborative application was made available to them. This represents 1500 spaces, so a gain of more than 15% of total parking.

Rebalance parking supply and demand

  • Finally, the survey allows measured a 1% gap between the supply and demand of parking for thermal and electric vehicles.
  • This difference, which may seem small at first glance, takes on its full meaning when evaluated in terms of number of spaces.
  • There are currently 100 unused electric vehicles spaces and 100 missing thermal vehicles spaces. A readjustment of the distribution of these parking spaces would balance the supply of parking, i.e. the number of spaces available, with the demand, i.e. the number of vehicles.

Hesion - Breakdown of supply and demand for available parking spaces by vehicle type

  • Because we accompany our clients throughout their parking transformation process, we provide them with the tools to implement our recommendations. Whether it is to rebalance parking or to implement new parking rules to free up spaces.
  • Based on our survey, we estimate the impact of our recommendations to be 500 to 1500 spaces freed up, i.e. 5% to 15% of the parking lot.

And what does the customer think?

We have been using Hesion’s services for more than 12 years and have built a real relationship of trust. Our partnership is nurtured by the quality of their services and the fact that they always respond to our needs. Hesion operates our five technical sites in Paris region on a delegated basis. This allows us to fully concentrate on our core business.”

Testimony of Florent Pruvost, Head of Department Reception, Prevention, Protection of the Ile-de-France establishments.

As a specialist in Smart Parking solutions, Hesion can help you with all your accessibility and parking management issues in your parking lots. Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions.