Hesion’s solutions allow the detection and identification of vehicles by license plate reading in parking lots to facilitate the management and respect of the parking policy in force on your site, according to complexes criteria such as parking lot occupancy, the number of vehicles already present, the user profile (subscriber, visitor, resident, service provider, deliveryman) and their respective authorizations.

Hesion has designed a new equipment – the Rondier – which allows you to easily make an inventory of the vehicles present in a parking lot.

License Plate Reading: operating principle

The Rondier is an equipment which is coupled with our license plate reading software system which allows to improve the accuracy of your parking lots operation.

Indeed, any access control system by license plate reading has a natural counting drift (power cut, “small train”, damaged plate, …)

It is therefore sometimes necessary to readjust the system with the reality to optimize the management of your parking lot, while ensuring the respect of your parking rules.

Simple and effective, equipped with a tablet, with the help of your car or as a pedestrian, depending on the size of your parking lot, you pass in front of each vehicle to register them and then in a few clicks you can synchronize the data acquired with the one of your LPR system.

Presentation of the Rondier, a versatile license plate reading system

All the equipment necessary for the inventory by license plate reading of the vehicles present in your parking lot is contained in a case.

Malette du Rondier par Hesion - license plate reading

Two cameras are to be placed on the front windows of the vehicle, left side and right side, which will be powered simply through the cigarette lighter socket (12V) of the vehicle

Installation du Rondier sur un véhicule - license plate reading

Up to a speed of 15 km/h you can scan your entire parking lot to identify all the vehicles present. With the help of an ergonomic interface on a touch pad, this equipment allows you to find and understand at a glance all the data collected by the system (management of no plates, plate reading, thumbnail of the last vehicle seen, …)

Interface du Rondier sur Tablette tactile

Whatever your installation, the deployment and configuration of this module is fast and allows your teams to be operational in a very short time. This car mode equipment in particularly suitable for large parking lots or sites with many parking lots. If you manage a small parking lot or if you do not have a vehicle at your disposal, we have also thought about you! Indeed, for the version in pedestrian mode, only a tablet is necessary to browse your parking lot. All the rest of the system does not change, and you can enjoy all the features.

Identification du véhicule avec le Rondier

Finally, it is also possible to switch from the car mode to the tablet mode and vice versa with a single click.

Our mission is to constantly innovate in the field of parking access by license plate reading. We listen carefully to our customers’ needs, analyze your requirements, and formalize a technical study to send you a customized proposal. The development of this new functionality of our license plate reading solution is the result of a request from one of our customers!

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